Waste Management

Good waste management delivers greater profit, a healthier working environment and a more responsible and reputable business culture.

Is your waste management about the information you get back from the contractor who takes it away, or a more holistic approach, from procurement of items right through to their disposal? Either way, we can help.

Our waste management reviews offer independent verification of your performance and provide a strategic, as well as an operational improvement plan. These improvements can deliver reduced costs for your waste transport, storage and disposal, and we can help you to reduce your overall wastage. All of which, of course, means less time invested for a greater return for you and more profit for your organisation.

Our independent waste management services include:
  • Strategic level waste management reviews
  • Waste stream assessments
  • Waste management training
  • Reduced disposal costs

Our consultants can also advise you on the use of our online compliance management solution “Assurity Plus” to view real time progress of your allocated actions, simplify the way you work, demonstrate greater compliance control, have useable management reporting and enhanced visibility of risks.

All departments have an impact on the waste streams you produce and need to manage and most people are now familiar with the 3 “Rs” – reduce, reuse and recycle. Successful waste management takes a 
more holistic approach, looking at the whole of the process from the purchase of items right through to their disposal. Your waste management strategy, when properly integrated will influence procurement.

If you need expert, independent advice on your waste management, please call us today for a detailed, confidential and without-obligation discussion of your needs.

Click here to view our independent guide on waste management.

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Waste Management

Responsible organisations retain us, rather than other consultancies, for their waste management needs, because we give you:

  • Professional assessment: our experienced consultants can analyse your management of waste and provide an independent assessment of your performance, as well as recommendations for enhancement
  • Impartial recommendations: the fact that our consultants do not offer remedial services gives them the freedom to focus totally on your performance and its potential for enhancement, now and into the future
  • Greater profit: it is highly likely that our recommendations will lead to a reduction in costs in several areas, delivering increased profitability